Building Community: The Kick Off to Coalition of Black Excellence Week

Straight off of my flight from Wakanda, inspired by #blackexcellence, I knew I had to try to make it to every Coalition of Black Excellence Week (CBEWeek) event that I could. On Tuesday I found myself rushing out of the office at 5 to catch the 5:38 train down to Cupertino for the #CBEKickOff event hosted by Talent Karma and Our Collective.

Having CBEWeek events throughout the Bay Area was intentional. I remembered what it was like to live and work on the peninsula and feel like everything cool happening in the Bay Area was either in San Francisco or Oakland; so when Lakeisha Poole of Talent Karma volunteered to organize an event in the South Bay for that same reason, I immediately loved the idea. In what would turn out to be the CBEWeek way – she took it and ran with it.

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