Nominate Impact Nonprofits


How To Apply

CBEWeek is seeking proposals for project-based programs supporting its core mission and Impact Nonprofit Goals for 2019.  A variety of program types are welcome and qualify for funding, if they address: the social, economic, and/or academic challenges facing future first generation high school and/or college graduates.


Application Process

Written applications should include a complete packet of materials in the following order: 

1. Cover Letter

Provide a brief statement of what your proposal asks for, and summarize the project for which you are seeking support. In this portion of the submission, you will have a chance to introduce your organization and overall mission to CBEWeek and its Advisory Board.  

2. Executive Summary

This summary should provide a very brief description and overview of your organization and the specific project proposal.

3. Need Statement

Please state the purpose of your need.  Explain why the issue is important, and provide any research your organization has undergone to address current needs in recent years.

4. Goals and Objectives

State the project plan and what you aim to accomplish (goals).  In addition, spell out the specific results you expect to achieve (objectives).  

5. Evaluation

Provide a brief explanation as to how you will assess your program's accomplishments and evaluate the impact of your project. Include all records and data you will collect, and how that data may be used for future programs or initiatives. If the data collection costs money, please include the allocated costs for that work in your budget.

6. About Your Organization

In 2-3 paragraphs explain how you intend to use the funds responsibly to achieve projected goals. Give a brief organizational overview, state your mission, and provide a summary note on the population you serve. Also, please provide a copy of the following supporting documents:  (1) an IRS letter confirming tax-exempt status; (2) a list of your board of directors and their affiliations; and (3) a budget for your current fiscal year.

7. Budget

Attach a short budget showing expected expenses and income. The expenses portion should include, direct project fees, and any anticipated administrative costs.



The internal criteria for reviewing submissions includes (but shall not be limited to) the following overview: